Sheffield Workshops

The London master:CLASS was the first prototype to understand how research which had been  gathered in the first three weeks of the project. The reflection series documents the analysis of the pros and cons of running such an event. From these reflections,  there were ideas that needed to be tested again and lessons learnt that could be put into practice.

As part of the ongoing research process within the project, these reflections have been used to inform two workshops ran as part of Sheffield Design Week. These workshops both took their main influence from Enzo Mari’s open-source furniture (further information here) as a way to introduce design to the public. Applying the ideas developed around ‘collaboration v. participation’, one workshop was prescribed as collaborative allowing the public to work with masters to design open-source furniture  which could be used at a coming Tate Exchange event at Tate Modern. The participatory workshop allowed children to take part in building model chairs which had been developed from an Enzo Mari design.

Along with allowing for analysis of organisation, these workshops became test beds, after the London event, to reassess roles within the group. Whilst also allowing for those recording the workshops; via video, social media, drawings, to apply the lessons learnt from the London event and further analyse the process of knowledge exchange.

Planning of Kids’ Carpentry Participatory Workshop

Summary: Kids’ Carpentry Participatory Workshop

Planning of Collaborative Carpentry Workshop

Summary: Day 1 of the Collaborative Carpentry workshop

Summary: Day 2 & 3 of the Collaborative Carpentry Workshop