Accreditation for New Educational Models?

Diagram of the ‘porous model’ of LSA There are a lot of new educational models emerging in recent years. These schools appear as a remedy to reduce students’ financial burden; an alternative to the traditional education institutions, and an open educational platform that is more accessible to the public. But how are these schools recognised? How do… Read More Accreditation for New Educational Models?

Knowledge Cycles? you need to know what comes a-round…

In the context of the ‘classroom’ or the ‘school’ it is accepted that there is a teacher and there are the pupils. This system (and its limitation) have been highlighted in an earlier posts. However, instead of learning through this repetitive ignorance, it is possible to gain knowledge through a network of exchanges between anyone:… Read More Knowledge Cycles? you need to know what comes a-round…

The Ignorant Schoolmaster Synopsis

Master = teacher Explication = explanation The story looks at an unintentionally conducted experiment by Mr Joseph Jacotot, a tutor in French literature,  in which he let – ‘enabled’ his students to learn French without teaching them the language. Initially, only Joseph Jacotot could understand French, while the students could solely comprehend Flemish. In order… Read More The Ignorant Schoolmaster Synopsis

Window Farms – open-source practice in sustainable design

This TED talk does a great job at explaining how an open-source platform can be used to develop a product and spread sustainable practice. To fine tune her hydroponic window farming solution, Britta Riley understood that it would require a lot of testing in many different conditions. This is when she called upon open-source practice,… Read More Window Farms – open-source practice in sustainable design