Summary: Day 2 & 3 of the Collaborative Carpentry Workshop

After the first day of Brainstorming at Foodhall, we put our original ideas and the useful points from visitors to Foodhall together and thought about how can we further develop it. We were expected to see what would happen in Carpentry Workshop the second day!

To prepare for model making, we collected several different kinds of materials(Grey board, Balsa wood, free Chipboard from ChopShop) and some essential tools and brought them to Foodhall.



On our arriving at Foodhall the second day, we set up our working stuffs and find a good perspective to set digital camera. During the whole morning, we tried to communicate with more people and gave them a brief introduction of our design ideas so far. Not so many new ideas came in because there were few people there. But the public were interested in our work and also liked some of the ideas and there was a guy who helped us prepare the chipboard using saw.



Then we began to work on our small scale model making to refine our ideas. After having them done, we found it was necessary to have a discussion about which model to choose for the further development. Obviously, we need to think a step farther and ask public for their advice.



The last day we spent at Foodhall was really full! Our goal was to construct a full scale model. In our workshop, we focused on showing our models to Foodhall users, introducing  our prototypes to them to get further advises of which prototype to be developed. It was so nice that many of them thought the idea was good.



Finally, we decided to develop three multifunctional models which can be integrated together when using them to display, store and for people to create a leisure space. Each of them can be deconstructed and has multiple uses. Before construction time, we had a design draft. Then we used our best friends(saws and nails) to make full scale prototypes. Although not many users there joined in our construction process, we had a great time learning from each other. Because of the limited time, we only finished 2 prototypes. In the afternoon, we also asked persons who had participated in our workshop for feedback using the Survey Apps.





At the end of the day, we made our workshop place clean.


Through our Three-day Carpentry Workshop, working with public exchanging ideas, having discussions, model making, we have learned much more about how to run a workshop smoothly and the better way we can try to involve community in a participative or collaborative workshop.


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