Summary: Day 1 of the Collaborative Carpentry workshop

Today we set up our workshop down in Foodhall in Sheffield city centre. This is the second time the team has engaged with Foodhall, the first was as a venue to host the recipe exchange. This time we were exploring a very different format of engagement, a collaborative design workshop.

We spent the first day of our three-day workshop brainstorming ideas for a carpentry module that could be used by the collaborators in Foodhall. A large part of the process so far during this workshop has been generating interest and encouraging people to participate and become collaborators.



By making rough corrugated card models, with a group of Foodhall users, we could explore ideas without feeling too precious about materials. Interestingly it was much easier to get people to engage and freely share ideas with the physical modelling then by drawing, although both methods were used throughout the day.



It was really interesting to hear what each user of Foodhall thought the module should be used for. Proposed ideas ranged from a collapsible seat for busking to a mobile bench with an integrated library underneath. The emphasis from Foodhall was that the venue is used for many different functions therefore modules that can be deconstructed or easily stored is vital. Similarly furniture with multiple uses would also be helpful.


Tomorrow we will be making a few more models to refine our ideas before we start working on the full scale construction!



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