Planning of Kids’ Carpentry Participatory Workshop

12-picKids’ carpentry is a participatory workshop making model furniture for children. Running this workshop was an interesting experience, not only for organising a workshop but also for communicating with children.

How we ran the kids’ carpentry participatory workshop:

  • Confirming time, date and location – At the beginning, we tried to contact different schools but there was no reply from them. Fortunately, we got a great place that made things keeping going.
  • Ethics application
  • Health and Safety / Risk assessment
  • Creating posters/graphics to inform people about our workshop – The important thing was finding places to disseminate the workshop.
  • Developing the design of the chairs for laser cutting
  • Laser cutting – Using the .dxf file, putting it in computer at the workshop, using both blue and green perspex for the cutting – mixing it up. After packing the pieces, they were ready for the workshop.  
  • Sourcing materials for the workshop – preparing cameras, leaflets, models


We ran the workshop, played with the kids, talked their parents and shared knowledge with each other.


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