Summary: Kids’ Carpentry Participatory Workshop

Today we ran the kids’ carpentry workshop at the Art House in Sheffield. We are delighted to see all the families leaving the workshop with a big smile on their faces!

It was exciting to see how our simple components can sparked so many possibilities. All participants were enjoying the process, and definitely had fun creating their own little version of the furniture. In the end we received so many creative design and even from little kids! In the workshop they feel like they are little masters, too. One of our group members- Yoti, prompted one of the kids to teach her how to recreate his arm chair, and I could see the little boy felt really proud at that moment.


There were also many interesting conversations with the participants. One of the parents has been home-schooling her children and brought up the subject of accrediting informal learning courses. It is definitely a solid example to justify why the civic CV is important.

It was a shame we didn’t have time to prepare for more components in different colours cause that will be more fun. We also receive many constructive feedback on how we can do it better. For example, having the components to fit together perfectly so that people can take away the pieces, or have a slightly bigger selection of components for people to play with etc.

But it was definitely a successful workshop and we are glad people enjoyed it.


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