Reflections on the London event: recording master:CLASSES, a progressive analysis

Recording the London event was a complex task which was undertaken by everyone in the group at some point. Recording took the form of video, photography and note taking.

An analysis of the recording has been compiled following an anonymous internal survey undertaken by the facilitating group. This has allowed an honest and clear analysis of how we recorded the master:CLASSES in London.

The general consensus from the group was that “we should have been more rigorous” with our recording of workshops. This lack of rigour was attributed to a number of things, particularly changing roles which resulted in the team being unsure of what was already being recorded and by who. It was suggested that having “someone dedicated to recording everything, then they would know they are not overlapping or missing bits”. However, a single person recording all the workshops limits the recording methods that can be adopted therefore a recording supervisor or lead offers a variety of recording methods to be adopted. This would certainly have ensured that every master:CLASS was recorded using a number of methods.

Other issues raised from our survey related to the methods adopted to record, with video and photography often feeling “invasive”. A number of alternative methods were proposed by the group including audio recording, go-pro video recording (to be less invasive) and sketching. A number of discussions about the use of sketching as a form of recording has been discussed upon the groups return with there being a general consensus that sketching offers a personal reflection as the master:CLASS is being undertaken.

As a group we are exploring how sketching can be used to reflect on the master:CLASSES in hindsight. The successes and shortcomings of these will be shared in future blogs. Other recording methods such as go-pros, comics, audio, photography etc as well as having a team member tasked with the role of recording lead/supervisor will be used in our Sheffield based master:CLASSES.


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