Reflections on the London event: cooking master:CLASS

During our 3-day knowledge exchange event in London, we have run a series of different master:CLASSes. While the event was successful in general, there are still areas that we can improve on, and perhaps can do things differently next time. In this blog post I will reflect on the cooking master:CLASS in particular.

Mara from Public Works was our guest master for that class, and she prepared the menu and did the final touch at R-Urban. Our initial plan was to have Mara talk about healthy-eating and the organic ingredients form the menu, but due to the number of participants that night and the nature of the venue, the class didn’t go as what we expected.

Perhaps there are a few things than can make the class more engaging.

  1. Run the cooking class in a bigger kitchen – this could be a kitchen in a community cafe, where there would be room for more people to be involved in the cooking process.
  2. Organisers can be more actively facilitating the class – people can take turn to do things, or divide people into groups to do different things- like setting up the table, chopping up ingredients, making salad, picking vegetables, washing dishes etc.
  3. In terms of how we can widely share this knowledge, I think it can be illustrated and posted online, where people can easily follow the recipe and understand the organic food produce, and also share their ideas by using social media, say twitter or instagram- many famous food channels including Jamie Oliver’s are doing this to encourage people to share their versions of the original recipe.

I hope these ideas will be helpful to someone who would like to set up their own cooking master:CLASS!


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