The London master:CLASS event

This week we are running the London master:CLASS event, a series of master:CLASSES exploring civic themes and knowledge exchange. The event kicked off at R-Urban Wick this morning, where we met French visitors from AAA (Atelier d’Architecture Autogerée). Along with Public Works, researchers, and volunteers from the London sites, they will participate in our workshops throughout the course of the coming days.

To break the ice we began by gathering everybody around to acknowledge and share our skills. This began by introducing ourselves along with asking everybody to write a list of their talents. The game then become more interactive as we highlighted each others’ talents, linking them up to our own lists. This illustrated an interest in learning these skills ourselves, and thus all knowledge is valuable. Initial modesty of our own talents disappeared as the game developed, and lists of abilities expanded as peoples began to place more importance on their strengths. With skills ranging from martial arts to cooking the best lentil soup, we realised we could run dozens of masterclasses between us!

We then went on to introduce the Civic University Live Project and introduced the 3 day event and what could be expected in the coming days.


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