Digesting the Anaerobic Digester

Our first guest speaker of the event was Rokiah Yaman from Leap AD. She has been involved with Public Works  for a few years and designed the anaerobic digester at R-Urban Wick, where food waste is fed into the machines under a controlled environment to allow anaerobic digestion to give off Methane as a source of energy supply to the site, and hopefully for the cafe.

Rokiah studied nutrition and later achieved a masters degree in film making. She gave us a talk on how she switched from being a film maker to building anaerobic digesters, and how she builds her connections within the professional network.She has always been passionate about the environment; yet her job didn’t allow her to do much on this topic. Opportunity came when there was a funding available to realise her dream. That was when she decided to write a proposal to build an anaerobic digester in London. The ongoing research is supported by many volunteers including students and professionals, and many passionate people.

We hope our project can bridge the gap between the general public and the great work Rokiah has done. Our live project can hopefully communicate the concept of anaerobic digestion, the food-waste-energy cycle and its potential to the public, and make a daunting topic as such to be more accessible to all.

Click here to learn more about anaerobic digestion!


R-Urban Wick’s Blog on the initial LEAP proposal

R-Urban Wick’s Mobile Micro Anaerobic Digester


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