R-Urban Wick Visit

Today we visited the Mobile Garden City, located in East London and between Stratford and Hackney Wick.fullsizerender1

It was the second time we met Mr. Andreas Lang (one of our clients), who is one of the co-founders and director of public works. He introduced us to the garden and this project. R-Urban Wick is initiated with one of the partners in R-Urban and public works and the aim is creating a new public recycling facility through collective and participatory process.


There are many facilities in this garden including a library, a kitchen, a classroom, a bicycle repair shop and an energy production room. Moreover, there are lots of vegetable planted by volunteer.


We learn how to use saw to cut down the wood and then we made a small wood platform for energy room. Calculating, measuring, implementing, everybody was very enjoyable to participate and learn these new skills. More importantly, we also taught other people how to use the saw, which is very meaningful.


Finally, Roquette introduced the principle of Anaerobic digester system about how to produce energy and biodiesel gas.



One thought on “R-Urban Wick Visit

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