In the morning of October 1st, we went on our visit to our 2nd site: The Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden! It’s a peaceful public green area near the High Street in Deptford. After being rediscovered by local communities, various activities have been organized by the volunteers here to involve locals. However, the site is going to be closed down for development in the near future.

  • Ella, one of the organizers of the garden, was giving us a brief introduction and pointing out current problems of the garden in the greenhouse constructed by volunteers. During our talk, Ella once said, ‘It is really heart-breaking to lose this garden. It has been one part of our life and it contains our memories.’ Through different activities like Garden Lab(contains 6 layers), picnics, DIY artworks, Ella wants more people to be involved and enjoy their time in the OTWG.


  • The OTWG consists of two areas: the wildlife garden and a big playground

The fantastic garden with many wild trees and original footpath


The current playground with many facilities(tables, chairs, tools etc.) used for activities. The buildings of photo’s background are the old school buildings.


One of the activity areas (a cute platform with big wild trees around it) built by volunteers.


  • Volunteering in the rain!

We helped Ella tidy the site, resettle facilities and make them easy to be used in the next activity.


  • Enjoy our tea time in one of the workshops (more warm now!)


Old Tidemill Garden Official Page


2 thoughts on “THE OTWG VISIT

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