Roman Road Visit



We headed to London in a sunny afternoon, and found our way to the civic workshop by a car park close to Roman Road.

We met Torange from InterAct, and Tabitha from the Roman Road Trust. They talked about the history of the workshop and the trust, and how they engaged with the local community.


The Roman Road Trust was founded by a group of volunteers from the local community, with the aim to regenerate the high street, the Roman Road in Bow. They also set up the neighbourhood forum to work on the neighbourhood plan.

They also talked about the importance of engagement and their goal to build a CIVIC PRIDE. Thanks to people like Tabitha, who is really dedicated to bring people together, that events like the Roman Road Festival could be a success!

One of the challenges, however, is getting the ethnic minorities to be more involved and not to present an image of isolation and exclusiveness to them, as most of the volunteers now are white middle-class people.

The discussion ended with a tour to the Roman Road high street and a around the area in Bow 🙂


InterAct’s Facebook Page

Roman Road Trust Official Page


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