The Team



fullsizerender-3Issi Chamberlayne

I’m excited to participate with the Civic University to learn from existing resilient practices, my particular interest being in urban farming. It’ll be a chance to explore how local and civic solutions can be promoted further afield.

fullsizerender-4Eva Chee

I am interested in resilient models and initiatives that taps into knowledge from various disciplines and how these affect our built environment. Having previous volunteering experiences in other urban farms, Civic University is another opportunity to experience interpersonal learning and sharing a process that can only be achieved through the act of participating.

fullsizerenderAsia Cydzik

I’ve chosen to participate in the Civic University Live project because I’d love to learn more about resilient communities within a contemporary city and further understand how the social technologies & eco – cultural projects can promote community cohesion.

fullsizerender-9Daniel Li

The Civic university project appeals to me because it focuses on the prototype of a participatory Eco-civic curriculum which could help connect local resources and sustainable developments. I am also interested in developing my digital and networking skills. It also allows me to learn more about London.

fullsizerender-6Zak Nicoll

The idea of knowledge exchange as a community initiative instead of an institution/government education is very intriguing. I would like to explore the possibility of fluidity in the curriculum which can ease it’s evolution and allow for serendipity.

fullsizerender-7Cherry Poon

I am interested in rethinking the hierarchy in education and architecture. I believe the Civic University will be a great opportunity to think about the bottom-up approach and focus on the individual user’s involvement.

Processed with Snapseed.Emma Seaton

The Civic University really appeals to me as a live project as it’s a chance to learn from successful local community initiatives and experiment with different mediums of knowledge sharing, creating a framework which can enable other local communities to get out there and undertake their own initiatives.

img_9588Kah Kiat Sham

I’m interested in urban resilience and would like to explore more on how these resilience practices could possibly affect or shape the future of urban form. Civic University is an opportunity for us to have a better understanding on resilience practices by taking part in it.

fullsizerender-11Niki Sole

The Civic University Live project builds upon my interest in citizens’ freedom to shape their urban environment and ‘make cities’. The Live project offers a great opportunity to consider the role we should be playing as architects and how our skills can be applied in different ways.

Processed with Snapseed.Luna Wu

I am very interested in this project as it relates to our environment and green lifestyles. The project also gives me the opportunity to understand what resilience is and how to communicate this with others. Besides that, I think a live project is a valuable experience, learning how to make plans and gain more practical skills.

fullsizerender-5Yoti Zhang

This project attracts me for its connection between human behaviour and living environment. It also gives me a chance to understand deeply about RESILIENCE which is closely linked to a city’s future. I hope I can learn more about who am I (in the project and in my team) and be able to obtain new knowledge through communicating with my team and local community.


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